Life is a work of art designed by the one who lives it.

About Your Teacher

Lauren Danner is a student of life who thrives on community and authentic connections. She is passionate about art, words, movement, and family time (including her cats!). She’s been known to be persistent, loyal, creative, and toting a cup of coffee in her hands most of the day. 

Lauren's yoga journey began in 2000 as a means to enhance her musical theater performance. She has been teaching yoga since leaving her cushy corporate job to teach yoga in the workplace. Her style creates a practice that is sustainable in the moment and long term so that students have something to commit to for a lifetime. Her yoga classes move energy through breath, intention/meditation, and yoga postures; they are challenging but possible for all levels.

Lauren’s personal intention is to be humbled by and grateful for all of life’s gifts. She has found yoga as a means to practice the sincerest expressions of gratitude, cultivate enthusiasm for life, and live as an expression of love. Diverse experience is something she has acquired that has led to her unique style and yoga philosophy. She has taught in attics, apartment communities, hotel rooms, parks, many conference rooms, yoga studios and was a yoga teacher at Nike World Headquarters. Lauren values the fact that yoga is for anyone and can meet you where ever you are when you show up.

Lauren is a lifetime student whether exploring different art techniques, yoga teachings or researching whatever feels inspiring in the moment. She has had many teachers whom she’s learned from whether by challenge, inspiration, or example. A few notable teachers are Baron Baptiste, Rod Stryker, Sianna Sherman, and Sean Corne.