Detox Flow (HOT)
JUN 28, 6 - 7 pm EDT

Detox Flow: A Challenging breath based flow practice to build courage, strength and resilience. In a room heated between 85-90 degrees, this class includes a warm up then a three part journey of extension, contraction, and twisting to rinse toxic substances from your body & rewire your reaction to stress. Modifications will be offered. Level 2-3

Terms and Conditions

  • Please pre-register ahead of time, the registration window closes out 30 minutes before class . I can teach you the best I can when I can prepare for teaching the exact people who will attend.
  • 24 hour notice to cancel is necessary. Please contact me if you must cancel.
  • If you would like to make a shift from in person to online or online class to in person class please contact me so that I can make adjustments for you.
  • All sales otherwise are final and can not be refunded, exchanged, nor transferred to another client.