Melt (Restorative Yin)
MAY 23, 5:15 - 6:15 pm EDT

Melt class is a lovely floor based practice that is a blend of yin and restorative yoga. Some days you might get more yin, other days more restorative, and other days a perfect combination of the two!

Yin is long delicious floor poses held 5+ minutes (with props so please collect a bolster, blanket, block and strap- we also sell them in our studio if you don't have them yet) to improve connective tissue & fascia, increase circulation & improve flexibility. Restorative yoga is all about deep rest for your mind and body in passive stretching poses.

This Restorative/Yin style practice resets the central nervous system to parasympathetic, giving your body and brain a deep rest and reset.

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